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This is was a lot of luck.

WOW! Just updated... I don't see anyone topping this.

Love this game, best webgame I've played in a while. Hope you make more!

thats awesome, I really appreciate this, taking the time to comment and try it out

Had a great run!

Also, I imagine this is not the intended gameplay.

You rocked it! I gave you both highscores on the board!

New, new, NEW highscore! I don't think I can do better

Haha Thanks for playing it this would definitely be in the top! 

The amount of people that spawn seems to be buggy. The first few rounds after you load the game all have 70+ people. If you continue to play, however, the number drops significantly. I just got to a round where I needed to infect 40 people, but there were only 37 on the screen!

It can be fixed by reloading the game each time your turn ends, but that's pretty annoying since this game takes forever to load.

Hi Thanks for notifying me of this. I did update the game to not have this glitch. It made the game a bit easier so I also raised the limit of required infected. Thanks again for playing and for commenting!

Fun game, but kept freezing on me.

Thanks, thats really unfortunate, did it freeze at a specific point and what browser did you use?

I was on chrome. I switched to Edge to see if that was the problem and it was.

Thanks for checking and playing

Uh... newer, higher score.

New high score!

Fun game. Reminds me of Infectonator, but with a twist and quicker-paced. However, I ran across an issue where my ball was pinned between toxic material and the game's border' as a result, the ball just kept bouncing there rapidly. The game then froze when I clicked on Windows Explorer. Maybe you can input some sort of fix just in case a ball is trapped by some toxic material and the border. 

Very simple and enjoyable controls with satisfying sounds. 

Very nice!

My highscore so far:

Fun game


My High Score: 4150. Very cool game!