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lighthearted whimsical look at everyday trash being used as epic battle arsenal by tiny gods traveling on small worlds.

Somewhere between Deep cosmic galaxies and the vast open crevices of your couch, gods BATTLE to prove who among them is the miniest of the minis.

Use Mouse and Keyboard to play!

Link to LD page https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/miniverse

Made for Ludum Dare 38

music: Julian Alvarez @AmericanAlvarez
art/animation: Daniel Muñoz @dannypixel
programming: Sebastian Alvarez @sebasrez


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Not sure if you'll see this, but the game is still featured, so here goes.

I get the minimal amount of GUI, but I keep getting thrown into battles without even seeing the god's dialogue first.  Camera still has issues.

This would be great idea to expand a little further, albeit with debugging and more guidance.

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Thanks for the comment, always watching. Sorry it bugged out on you. The .exe should be working much better than the webgl which bugs out with every new unity version it seems.

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I realize you may not have looked at this game in ages, but for anyone who might read this, the old man is bugged to not close his dialogue after you beat him so you lose the camera, and the first god gets stuck on saying for me to take an artifact of war which isn't there. (Leads to god two not giving me a reward either, leaving me one short of the 5 skull and one spring goal.) Still a great game though.

Hey Wolfore, Thank you very much for taking the time and leaving a comment on bugs and review. 


I managed to get in a point where i couldn't find a single penny to craft a shovel to craft a branch to craft the third skull... then i accidentaly closed the tab...

In total, it currently has the right amount of objects to create a single ruby and one skull with the right combination, but it also does feel pretty scarce so I can see how these accidents may happen. It's a tricky balance to not flood the game to make it toooooo easy but I will say there are also branches, matches, and duckies in the map aside from just pennies, shovels, and glass. Thanks for playing!


I absolutely loved this game! I did get lost a bit trying to find things for a third skull, and kept forgetting the crafting recipes, but overall this was awesome!


Shame there is no download, I too cannot get it to run.

There is now! Just added thanks to your comment.


Microverse* ;)





B-But Rick, Isnt that slavery?

Extra steps...


Game doesn't run for me, not on the browser (chrome), neither on itch app. :/
It's a shame, 'cause it looked fun.

This comment broke my soul. Added a downloadable to compensate.

Not working either! ( ºAº) I had to run it on Firefox and then it finally loaded.

Fun game, but got stuck getting challenged again and again by this inflatable duck lord I couldn't beat so I had to restart. ._."

Also, after some time playing, it prompted me this error: "Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.".

AHCK! My poor soul! At least you got to try it out for a bit but the damned build will be the death of me. Thanks for trying it again, BlueJackalope!

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This build does work! :D (alleluyah)

The crafting felt a bit weird and the camera went a bit bonkers since I pushed off one of the SEVEN while they were talking, but it sure is a fun concept. I would like this idea being expanded upon! owo