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Your puppet is your greatest weapon.

A high intense action game much akin to super meat boy or 10 second ninja in speed, but now you must take out all the enemies at once by teleporting, punching, uppercuting, and ground smashing all in one swift movement.

You have been summoned by the lazy elder sages to clean up their house but you have to get there first and its full of magic and nasty baddies.

The controls for keyboard are:
A/D /or/ Left/Right to move
Spacebar /or/ X to Jump
Left Click /or/ Z to Attack
W and Left Click /or/ Up and Z to uppercut
Right Click /or/ C to send projection
(with projection out) S /or/ Down to Teleport.
(with projection out) Q /or/ V to Down smash.

Joystick Controller:
Dpad Left/Right to Move.
A to Jump.
Square to Attack.
Up Dpad and Square to Uppercut.
Y to send Projection.
(with projection out) Down D Pad to Teleport.
(with projection out) B to Down smash.

Esc to quit the game.

-Sebastian @sebasrez//Danny @dannypixel

-Music by Craig Stern - The Sorceror's Tower


PuppetGuardian PC.zip 22 MB
PuppetGuardian Mac.zip 24 MB

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